You don't have to prove it - Celebrity Host Zai Zai

“Love is same, you don’t need to prove it.”

The celebrity host - Zai Zai Lin for #bemore_mom interview said that in her house in Hualien after rains.

On the way from Taipei to Hualien, Zai Zai with her son in the laughing, they forget the city’s messy feelings, social opinion pressure, and the halo of being a celebrity. When the train cross the cave, all of that transform into the initially happy.

She doesn't choose marriage but her son’s dad still get into the stable relationship with her. She said that’s because of the human nature, it’s like a duty. Maybe in the future the child will ask us why don’t we get marry? But I think I want him to know although we don't have the paper to prove it, the love is still be the same.


“She take him back to the lovely and purely nature, she is just a mother.”


They live beside the sea in Hualien. The backyard which is near the ocean has grown a lots trees and other plants, and inside the bush there is a small fort that also is their playground. There is no convenient traffic, a lots high buildings like department store, But more is natural life. For her, the more important is to know the power and funny things of nature by grew the plants, played with bugs, listened the call from frogs and birds. It’s because you can see the born and death from the creature. This is difference from Mencius’s mom, but also show her love and great. It’s difficult to do because you have to run in opposite directions and start in a brand new life all by yourself.

By interviewed the front different mothers like her, they share their ideas, happiness, sadnesses and angers. “I think they are very brave that willing to share their stories with me. I like it and it’s a great experience!” Zai Zai said that with her glamorous in this rainy day.

Seven mothers have different stories. Behind their smiley face, it’s sweat and tear but when they talk about their kids, the unhappy things seem like disappeared. Only mother can know that the best gift is kid’s smile and sweet.

This time, we celebrate with those different mothers. The so-called MOM is not just one look, but the love is all the same. 

“MOM” is no longer belongs to anyone, for honestly, that is a powerful and confidently adjective. It’s ok to show your MOM Power with a little defect because it's the most beautiful appearance and dazzling!


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