Enter the existence of decay and rotten.

We take control of the dark wave and go through the core,this is the brand new normal. The colour Ultramarine takes charge of the new era,expresses the reborn of idea and enjoyable experience. If you been trapped in the dark and weird atmosphere as well,remember it is the nature from you.


Discover BEMORAL

BEMORAL, which means the goodness behavior.

We focusing on the essence of the concept, it embodies the belief that we insist on and become the escort of the skin care.

Our brandalways based on professionalism, to create a “ Goodness Morality” with skin care, which we’re doing is beyond your imagination.

A brand of skin care coexist with the New Generation

We’re not the solider who trying to mutiny,but constantly evolutionary with symbiosis. Adhering to the purest way of skin care with a meticulous combination. Also,symbiosis with the human beings who is rich of attitudes. The strong and distinct visual images are based on our unique insights into the world.We deconstruct the mixed aesthetic which is the result of infiltration into the subtle corners of life.For the persistence of beauty and quality, we break through the tradition, across countries, continuously produce, research and develop. In order to create the new normal way for the skin to coexist with visual and care.

Deconstruction BEMORAL

The main color of our brand is “Ultramarine”, also representing the visual concept. It’s the purest primary color,clearly like the tears of the Virgin's mercy and suffering; it’s also the most expensive color and preciously surpassing the glittering gold. Possessed by innate nobility and mystique, once used in aristocracy and religious art, it’s the closest color to the soul.

“Halo” is another major element of the visual concept, it’s the sensory way leading to the soul. The halos which are always full of light, are the unique visions of the new generation to see the world. They’re also constantly discovering and identifying more similar eyes, and keep moving toward the future.