Payment Issues

What payment terms can I choose?

Currently available payment terms:

  1. Credit card online payment (VISA, main card, JCB card)
  2. Convenience store pick-up payment (convenience stores such as FamilyMart, Hi-Life, OK.)
  3. Home delivery payment (Taiwan only)

When the purchase amount is NT$8000 (included and above) , no cash on delivery is provided. 


Description of payment terms:

1.Credit Card Payment: VISA, Master and JCB credit cards are currently accepted.

2.Convenience store pick-up payment:

    (1)If you select a pay-on-delivery payment condition, NT$20 is included in the shipping fee.

    (2)The single order amount at NT$8000 can be paid via convenience store pick-up payment.

    (3)When the product reaches the specified market, a newsletter will be sent reminding you to pick up the goods. Article 355 of the Criminal Law on Refusal of Complaint shall be implemented if the goods have not been collected for more than seven days after the arrival of the market.

    (4)To ensure a smooth pickup, please fill in the correct name and mobile phone number.


    Can I change my payment terms to a different payment condition after ordering?

    After the order is set up, you can't change the relevant content. Any inconveniences are much regretted.


    Ordering Questions

    Do you have to join the membership before ordering?

    Yes, you can make a purchase as soon as you join your membership.

    1.If you are a member of this website, you can order items directly after logging in.

    2.If you are not a member yet, you are welcomed to join the membership of this website before any purchase.


    When an item is added to the shopping cart, will the quantity of it be retained and considered to be completed?

    The goods need to be “checked-out” to be considered a successful order.

    Items added to the shopping cart, the quantity of them is not retained, and it is possible that the items have been sold out by any other customer before the checkout is completed. Hence, the items will be removed from your shopping cart.

    If you have to buy your favorite items, it is recommended that you check out as quickly as possible and avoid the sold-out.


    What do I need to pay attention to when checking-out?

    Once the order is complete, an “order confirmation letter” will be sent to your E-mail box with the order number attached to facilitate the inquiry. If you do not receive this “order confirmation letter”, due to a missed letter, you can check the order's validity directly in the Member Center Order Enquiry. If your order status is displayed as "Unfinished Swipe", the order will be automatically cancelled. If you still want to check out, please click "Cancel order" before re-joining the cart and completing the checkout as soon as possible!


    Wanting to know the order status of the member center?

    The following status states for the order are as follows: 

    1.Unprocessed: The order is set yet  the payment is not completed. It’s free to cancel order on your own.

    2.Shipped: Your order has been shipped and you can check the progress of your package at any time in the Member Center. 

    3.Order completion: 7 days after the order has been delivered (including a country-bound holiday), at this time you can no longer be returned for exchange services.

    4.Order cancellation: payment not completed within the deadline, payment failed (select online swiper) or member's own/on-request to cancel the order.


    How do I check the status of shipment?

    To check the shipping status, you can always check the latest data on your order at the Member Center's “Consumer Order Enquiry” and confirm payment/order/shipping information, etc.


    The payment has been completed, when will the goods be delivered?


    This website uses ezShip distribution services, in addition to special ordering circumstances, customer service staff will be notified and the order is expected to be shipped to the government within 7 days after the completion of the ordering procedures (excluding the case holidays, national holidays and force majeure of the natural disaster factors). To inquire about the shipping status, you can always go to the Member Center 's Consumer Order Inquiry to confirm the latest order data, and you can click on the order's “Order Details” to confirm payment/order/shipping information and other data, or call the customer service line, will be serviced by a person.


    This website is shipped by registration using post office international air parcels. The post office international air parcels provided by the Post Office are expected to arrive for reference. 

    地區名稱 Regions

    預計天數 Approximate dates


    Hong Kong, Macau, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines

    7-11 / 天
    7-11 days


    United States, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Netherlands, Central Europe

    10-14 / 天
    10-14 days


    Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, Nordic

    14-18 / 天
    14-18 days


    Return and Exchange Issues

    If I receive goods of inconformity, breakage or defects, can they be returned?

    If you receive new products with defective or damaged condition, you would have unconditional return and exchange after-sale service. Please contact customer service staff after receiving the goods by the date of 7-days-appreciation-period (including the country's regular holiday), we will replace the new products for you. Please handle the return procedure in accordance with the return and exchange policy.


    If I’m not satisfied with the goods, can I exchange into other goods?

    Exchange into the equivalent of goods solely.


    Will I be refunded as soon as I apply for a return?

    After receiving the consumer return of the goods and confirming that the acceptance is correct, we will refund in 45 working days (excluding holidays) . A separate notice mail will be sent on the day of payment. 


    Can I return the goods after they are opened?

    The return and exchange of goods will not be accepted after the opening of the goods. Please contact us (+886 2-7709-7666) and you will be assisted by us to help you with a product defect. If you have a record of 2 unprovoked returns and exchanges, we reserves the right to accept orders. 


    Can I apply refund for my product when I refuse to receive a package?

    If the goods are refused for customer’s reasons, or have exceeded the period of custody of the delivery post office, and the purchase of the goods is returned to the Company, the shipping costs shall not be refunded and the costs incurred in the return shall be charged at their discretion. If the package is rejected for overseas ordering, we will refund the return after deducting NT$750 postage and the cost of return ingress the original order and return the amount to the customer (the refund currency is calculated in NTD, the transfer rate is absorbed by the customer itself).


    Shipping Issues

    The payment has been completed, when will the goods be delivered?

    The goods will be shipped within 3 to 7 working days after the payment is completed, and 2 to 3 working days after shipment to your designated address. More information can be found on the "Member Center" and "Order Enquiry" on the website.

    Pre-ordered goods will not be delivered within the above time, and pre-ordered goods will be shipped according to the date of shipment indicated on the web page.


    Can I send my goods to the outer islands or overseas?

    For the domestic is the use of Taiwan convenient distribution services, foreign regions using the post office international air parcel registration or Shunfeng express delivery and other ways to send. 


    How much does the amount of consumption need to be achieved in order to enjoy the exemption?

    Only the official website special event description.


    What are the options for shipping?

    1.Home allocation to the house: the use of "Taiwan convenient matching" home allocation way to send, the home allocation scope is currently limited to Taiwan's home area, outlying island area (only Jinmen, Small Golden Gate, Penghu Magong Island).

    2.Super-business pick-up: can choose to specify the "super-business market" distribution, the current cooperation super-business for the whole family, OK and Laier fu.

    3.Overseas shipping: the use of "post office international express EMS" and "Shunfeng Express" way to send, shipping area to international express mail can be delivered to the region mainly.

    E-invoice issues

    What is an electronic invoice?

    Electronic invoice carrier is a record of electronic invoice data tool, consumers in the "fill in the order data" page to choose to open an electronic invoice, the system will be the website membership number as an electronic invoice carrier.


    Why didn't you receive the invoice?

    According to the Ministry of Finance order "Electronic Invoice Implementation Operating Points", the "two-way electronic invoice" issued on beMORAL's official website is not sent voluntarily. Please check the "Paper Invoice" option at check-out if necessary. 


    Will an invoice with a uniform number be sent and when will it be sent?

    The company's electronic invoice for the carrier is to be sent within 10 working days after shipment after the 7-day appreciation period.


    When will i help my invoice for the prize?

    Every month after the 25th draw, will be BEMORAL unified award work, if you win the invoice, customer service staff will be in 7 working days, the winning invoice will be sent to you by registration.

    Important Reminder: Sending the address of the winning invoice is the purchaser's residential address, please pay attention to the correctness of the residence address, if due to the address data error, resulting in the winning invoice can not be sent to the returned person, as a waiver.


    Do you want to apply for a replacement for a personal or company account?

    According to the unified invoice use method, only writing errors must be exchanged, individual account invoices can not be exchanged for company account invoices, company account invoices can not be exchanged for individual account invoices. Once the invoice has been issued, the buyer's name and uniform number may not be arbitrarily changed or other for-profit undertakings and uniform numbers shall be changed at the buyer's request. 


    Can I open more than one invoice for an order?

    With the electronic request for checkout, so an order corresponds to an invoice, please forgive you can not open more than one separate.


    The invoice does not show the buyer's name, can I add the buyer's name?

    In conjunction with the new version of the Ministry of Finance electronic invoice format, the current electronic invoice proof that the joint will not have the buyer's name field, please forgive the buyer's name can not be added. If you still have questions, please contact customer service, will be a person to serve you. (Service hours: Monday - Friday 09:30 - 18:30)