Control the kuroshio through the core, different from past.

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Unlike a single element of a general fennel or medium, BEMORAL chooses to start with the concept of symbiosis.
The azurite that is symbiotic with peacock stone; the coral that is symbiotic with the clownfish, using the combination of the brand's original colors, we find the symbiotic stone that belongs to your only desire. Dotted with our specially tuned tone, in that exclusive space, the aroma of desire evaporates, filling each air molecule.

À MON SEUL DÉSIR is derived from the medieval mural “The Lady and the Unicorn”. Six murals represent different senses and desires, like six different fragrances. Although there lie their own background, but they all describe the common free will. You are the unicorn, with different characters, postures are surrounded by aromas, waiting to be liberated by the Lord me.