Terms of Service

These terms apply to BEMORAL's official website and are used to provide e-commerce-related services (hereinafter referred to as "This Service") within your BEMORAL website in accordance with BEMORAL Member Terms, website announcement content, privacy protection policy and information on the collection of funds (hereinafter referred to as "These Terms of Service").

To protect your rights and interests before you make purchases or use other services on BEMORAL's official website, please read the following agreed terms. When you click on the "I agree" or other similar meaning options, or make an order, payment or consumption on BEMORAL's website, you will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to accept these Terms of Service and to fully accept the existing and future derivatives of the Service. 


Scope of services

BEMORAL's official website provides services ranging from https://www.be-moral.com website and related network services such as the Gold Flow, Logistics and Information Flow Platform, including, but not limited to, the sale of goods, the browsing of website content, the use of e-mail, physical mail or other means of the provision of commodity marketing information and other services. BEMORAL's official website may add or decrease, change or terminate the relevant service content, depending on business needs and actual circumstances, without the need to notify the Member individually. 


    Order online 

    In order to be able to use the Service, you agree to the following: 

    1.When you consume for the first time, you must provide your name, birthday, telephone, e-mail and address and join the BEMORAL official website member, as the basis for the beMORAL official website to provide this service.

    2.In addition to the terms of this Agreement, the information presented on the commodity trading page and the relevant pages in the ordering process, including the relevant trading conditions, restrictions and instructions, shall be part of the contract.

    3.After you complete the online ordering procedure in accordance with the manner, conditions and procedures set out on the BEMORAL website, you will make an offer. Indicates your willingness to order the item in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and the trading conditions or restrictions set out on the relevant web pages. If your retained data is changed by address and telephone number, you shall immediately log on to BEMORAL's official website to modify the retained data or contact BEMORAL's official website for assistance, and may not deny the ordering or refuse payment on the grounds that the personal data does not match.

    4.After you complete the online ordering procedure, BEMORAL official website will send you a notice by e-mail or other means, the notice is only BEMORAL official website has received your order information, does not mean that the transaction has been completed or the contract has been established, BEMORAL official website reserves the final review, whether to accept the order and shipment rights. BEMORAL or THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE MAY REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE ORDER IF THE TRADING CONDITIONS ARE INCORRECT, THE GOODS ARE NOT IN STOCK, OR IF THERE ARE OTHER BEBE OFFICIAL WEBSITES THAT CANNOT ACCEPT THE ORDER.

    5.BEMORAL's official website may, if necessary, set a cap on the number of individual members' orders per order for a particular product. When you place an order after exceeding the maximum amount set by beMORAL's official website, the BEMORAL official website only ships according to that cap. 

    6.BEMORAL official website confirms that the transaction conditions are correct, the payment is completed and there is still inventory, BEMORAL official website will directly notify the manufacturer of shipments, without notice, but you can query the status of the shipment on THE BEMORAL official website.


      Payment method description 

      BEMORAL's official website provides instructions on payment methods in the Member Service Area, please refer to you. If you choose to pay by credit card, you enter credit card information online in order to confirm the validity of the credit card and obtain transaction authorization from the issuing authority, does not mean that you have paid, nor does it mean that the transaction has been completed or the contract has been established, BEMORAL official website reserves the right to accept your order. You do not need to pay until your order is accepted on BEMORAL's official website, and BEMORAL will not be asked for credit card transactions, and the transaction amount will not appear in your credit card bill. If you choose to pay the credit card price and pay in installments, such installment service is provided by your credit card issuer, the installment debt relationship exists between you and the credit card issuer, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the issuing bank, you may need to pay the relevant interest or handling fees to the issuing bank, please be sure to read in detail the card issuing bank's interest calculation method and whether there are other credit insurance or guarantee or related provisions. 


         Where and how goods are delivered 

        1.BEMORAL's website will provide you with a choice of places and ways to order the delivery of the goods and to deliver them according to your choice. BEMORAL official website and the member service area and the product page are stipulated to send goods freight pricing and burden for you to inquire. If freight is not recorded, the same freight shall be borne by the BEMORAL official website

        2.If your order edgs are still undeliverable and cannot be contacted by a certain number of times, beMORAL's official website will cancel the order and refund it.

        3.If you choose to deliver the ordered goods by way of over-quoted goods and pay the price, but for no reason to the time of notice to your designated market pickup, BEMORAL official website may freeze your right to continue to choose this way to pick up or pay, please know, also thank you for your understanding.


          Right to return and termination of contract 

            1.You may exercise your right to return the goods in accordance with Article 19, paragraph 1, of the Consumer Protection Act, but the following items are not included: 

            (1)Goods stored in the form of digital or electromagnetic records, including and not limited to computer programs, digital music archives, audio tapes, videotapes, CDs, VCDs, DVDs, etc. 
            (2)Goods ordered, adjusted or delivered in accordance with the specifications, requirements or times you request or specify. 
            (3)Unsealed goods. 
            (4)Newspapers, magazines, periodicals, or other regularly issued commodities. 
            (5)In accordance with the usual conditions of delivery, goods will be recovered for (6)longer than the shelf life or have been spoiled and spoiled goods.
            (7)Goods of international air delivery services.

              2.Regarding the return method and conditions, you can refer to the description of the relevant web page of BEMORAL official website.

              3.The returned goods must maintain the integrity of all goods, giveaways, accessories, packaging, and all accompanying documents or data, if there is an physical invoice, and should be returned together with the invoice, otherwise, BEMORAL official website will refuse to accept your return refund request.

              4.You understand and agree that if you request a return or exchange, or because BEMORAL official website cannot accept all or part of your order, or the contract is cancelled or lost for any reason, and the contract is required to handle the refund for you, BEMORAL official website may handle the invoice or discount slip on your behalf of you and other relevant laws and regulations required by the documents.


              Privacy protection 

              BEMORAL's website absolutely respects and protects the security of your personal data. BEMORAL's website collects, processes and uses the personal data and other specific information you log on to or retain in accordance with the Privacy Policy and The Notice of Collection, the Personal Data Protection Act and the relevant Laws and Regulations. Please read the BEMORAL website "Privacy Protection Policy and Information on Collection" before registering and before using this service. If you agree to these Terms of Service, you will be deemed to have understood and agreed to be the "Privacy Protection Policy and Information on Collection" on BEMORAL's website. 

              You agree to authorize BEMORAL's website to provide the necessary data necessary to perform the Services to the Partner for the purpose of providing the Services to the extent agreed. Some of the specific services in this Service are provided in conjunction with other partners and if you do not wish to disclose personal data to other partner vendors, you may choose not to use these specific services, but when you start using these specific services, we will treat them as you have agreed to disclose your personal data to a partner or partner of that particular service. 


              Member's account number, password and security 

                1.When you spend your first time on BEMORAL's official website, you will get a set of account numbers and passwords. To keep your account secure, make sure that your account number and password are confidential and should not be arbitrarily disclosed to any third person. You are solely responsible for all actions carried out using this account number and password. And this group account number and password is limited to your personal use, you may not rent, lend, transfer or give to other third persons to use. 

                2.Access to BEMORAL's official website or use of the Services with your account number or password, including but not limited to querying, retrieving, reading, changing personal data, participating in various activities and obtaining relevant consumer information, purchasing goods or services, and other similar acts involving the user's personal rights and interests, etc., except that you have clear evidence that your account password has been fraudulently used or misappropriated, and is considered your own behavior. 

                3.If you find that your account number or password has been stolen or any other security problems occurred, please immediately notify BEMORAL official website, BEMORAL official website will immediately suspend the transaction processing and subsequent use of the account, and take relevant measures, but may not be BEMORAL official website to take measures as BEMORAL official website has an express or implied guarantee or liability. 

                4.Every time you complete the use of this service, please do cancel the BEMORAL official website member account to prevent others from stealing. 


                  Electronic document representation

                    The BEMORAL website and you are electronically documented as a means of representation of the Service. BEMORAL's official website informs the Service of the relevant information and will be delivered by the email or mobile phone number that you have registered with you on the BEMORAL official website. If your contact information changes, you should immediately log on to the BEMORAL official website to update to maintain the correctness, real-time and integrity of your personal data. If the message to BEMORAL's official website is unacceptable due to an error, expiration or other non-nefaring matter of the connection information you have retained, the message to bemoral's official website shall still be deemed to have completed the service of the notice by the BEMORAL official website. 


                    Service anomalies and disclaimers 

                      THE BEMORAL WEBSITE ENSURES THAT THE COMPUTER SYSTEMS YOU TRADE WITH ARE SECURE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE CURRENT REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS. However, bemoral's official website shall, in the following circumstances, suspend, interrupt or refuse to provide all or one of the Services without prior notice that betherdos shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by your use (or inability to use) the Services: 

                      1.When the hardware and software equipment related to the service is relocated, replaced, upgraded, maintained or repaired.

                      2.Any violation of the government decree or these Terms of Service by the user; 
                      The service is discontinued or interrupted due to natural disasters or other force majeure factors.

                      3.Other matters that cannot be attributed to beMORAL's official website cause the service to be discontinued or interrupted.

                      4.The information on this service is incorrect or falsified, altered, deleted or retrieved, or caused by the interruption or failure of the system to function properly.

                      5.Other BEMORAL official websites consider the need to stop or interrupt the service.

                        BEMORAL's official website for predictable hardware and software maintenance plans, which may result in system interruption or suspension, will be announced on BEMORAL's official website in an appropriate manner as far as possible before the situation occurs. 

                        BEMORAL's official website provides you only in accordance with the existing items, functions and status of the services provided at the time, and BEMORAL's official website shall not be liable for any warranty, warranty or damages.



                          You expressly understand and agree that the services provided on beMORAL's official website are only available in accordance with the functions and current status of each service at the time. BeMORAL's official website shall not be liable for any warranty or warranty in the form or content of the user's personal requirements or requirements, including, but not limited to, speed, safety, reliability, integrity, correctness and non-disconnectand and error, commercial suitability, suitability for a specific purpose, and non-infringement of the rights of others. BEMORAL's official website does not guarantee the following: 

                          1.This service will fully meet your needs.

                          2.The Service is free from interference, timely delivery, safe and reliable or error-free.

                          3.The results obtained by the use of the Service are correct or reliable.

                          4.Any mail, file or data is reliable and correct during the transmission process; 
                          the security, reliability, integrity, correctness and loss of line and error of the mail, archive or data stored or transmitted.

                          5.Any products, services, information or other data that you purchase or obtain through the Service will meet your expectations. 

                            Whether or not any data is downloaded or obtained through the use of the Service shall be at your own discretion and at your own risk, and you are solely responsible for any damage or loss of data to your computer system as a result of the downloading of any data previously opened. 

                            The advice and information you obtain from BEMORAL's official website or through the Service, whether written or oral, does not constitute a guarantee of the Services. 

                            BeMORAL shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of this Service, except for those who have intentional lygots or gross negligence on the BEMORAL website.


                            The basis of liability and damages 

                            When you use this Service, the basis for the determination of the relevant facts shall be based on the data recorded in the BEMORAL official website database and the evidence you cite. In the event of any dispute, the parties will submit their respective stored electronic data records or evidentiary data to the court or an impartial third person in the event of a dispute. 

                            If you violate these Terms of Service or the relevant legal provisions, you shall be liable for any damages or expenses incurred by the BEMORAL website and related performing support person (including, but not limited to, freight, processing, litigation and attorney's fees). 


                            BEMORAL official website transfer

                            You agree and agree that the BEMORAL official website is currently operated by Dahl Skin Health Medical Technology Co., Ltd., and in the future, if the operating rights of BEMORAL's official website are transferred to other third persons, in order to enable you to continue to use the services of BEMORAL's official website, Dahl skin health medical technology Co., Ltd. may transfer your retained data and trading records to the person responsible for the subsequent operation of BEMORAL official website, and it shall bear the rights and obligations of the BEMORAL official website. You also agree that the transfer of the member's data and trading records will be within the specific purpose for which you provide such personal data, at which time Dalskin Health Technology Co., Ltd. will no longer be required to obtain your written consent. 


                            Any agreement in these Terms of Service that is declared invalid by a competent court or administrative organ shall remain in effect, except for the invalidity of the agreement. 


                            The interpretation and application of these Terms of Service shall be in favour of consumers. 


                              The Law of Quasi-Jurisdiction and the Court of Jurisdiction 

                              If any dispute occurs, please reflect your opinion to the customer service center of BEMORAL's official website, BEMORAL official website and you should be the greatest good faith and good faith principles to resolve, if the need to involve litigation, unless otherwise mandatory by law jurisdiction court, both parties agree to the Taipei District Court of Taiwan as the first instance jurisdiction court. The interpretation and failure of these Terms of Service shall be governed by the local laws of the competent courts.