Privacy Protection Policy and Individual Collection Notice

BEMORAL's website absolutely respects the privacy rights of all users, please read the privacy protection policy (Privacy Policy) on BEMORAL's official website below to assist you in understanding the purpose, type, scope and manner of the collection of your personal data on BEMORAL's website and the rights you derive from. BEMORAL official website has the right to revise this privacy protection policy and individual collection notice and related information, and may be published in the appropriate location of BEMORAL official website or update the content slot of this web page after the revision, without individual notice. You can always read the revised privacy policy and information and related instructions on BEMORAL's website.


The purpose, manner and scope of application of personal data collection

1. BEMORAL website collects your personal data for the purpose of customer and member management services, business and technical information, online shopping and other e-commerce services, BEMORAL website and merchandise marketing, purchase of goods delivery and delivery, statistical investigation and analysis, information and database management.

2. Browsing BEMORAL's official website does not have to enter your personal data. However, BEMORAL's official website will obtain the user's name, address, home phone number, mobile phone number, refund transfer account information and other financial institution account number and name, ID card number, foreign national passport number, date of birth, sex, age, nationality, etc. Details of the types and services used in consumer goods, personal or household consumption patterns (including browsing cookie records), etc. Users have the right to freely provide personal data, but if you do not provide it, BEMORAL's website will not be able to provide the services and may not be able to fulfill the contractual rights with you.

3. BEMORAL official website to protect your privacy and rights, when you use credit card to make a purchase checkout, the payment operating system will be directly linked to the credit card collection bank's network swipe interface, BEMORAL official website will not record any data you enter in that interface, so as to maintain the confidentiality of your credit card data.

4. BEMORAL official website to provide you with a more quick and convenient refund service, when your order has a refund situation, BEMORAL official website will ask you to provide the order purchaser or recipient of the refund account data: bank name, account number and account name. BEMORAL's website will only use your refund transfer account information for the refund service.

In addition to the above personal data categories, in order to facilitate users, BEMORAL official website may use cookie technology to manage e-commerce websites and record your activities on this website in order to facilitate the provision of services more appropriate to the individual needs of users. BEMORAL is the ability of web servers to identify users' data.

5. When the general web page is read, the server can not identify whether the user has been and the number of times the time, so when browsing the web, the server will be a short piece of information written to the user's hard disk through the browser, the next time the browser asked the server to send back the page, the cookie data will be transmitted to the server, Servers can judge users based on cookie data, with the user's visit data, the web server can analyze and target different readers to different preferences, perform different actions or send back specific information. THE BEMORAL WEBSITE WILL WRITE AND READ COOKIES IN YOUR BROWSER IN THE FOLLOWING CASES:

    (1)To provide better, more personalized services and to facilitate your participation in personalized interactions, such as storing data in your specific area of preference, or storing passwords so that you do not have to enter them every time you visit the BEMORAL website.
    (2)For the statistics of the number of visitors and analysis of browsing patterns to understand the situation of web browsing, as a reference for the improvement of services on BEMORAL's official website.
    (3)If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some personalized services or participate in some activities, and you may choose to modify the acceptance of cookies in your browser, including accepting all cookies, being notified when setting cookies, rejecting all cookies, etc.


      7. The manufacturer monitoring the BEMORAL website, or the website linked to the BEMORAL official website, may collect the user's personal data. These advertisers or linked websites shall have their individual privacy protection policies or measures, which do not apply to BEMORAL official website privacy protection policy and individual collection notice, BEMORAL official website is not responsible for any legal liability. Users may provide personal data in the club, community website, etc. in BEMORAL official website, this part because BEMORAL official website is not a collector, so not in the BEMORAL official website privacy protection policy and a collection of information within the scope of application, BEMORAL official website is not responsible for any legal liability.

      8. Any communication or material other than the personal data transmitted by the User to BEMORAL's official website, including but not limited to opinions, customer responses, preferences, suggestions, support, requests, questions, etc. other messages" shall be deemed to be non-confidential and non-proprietary data processing, and when the user transmits other information to BEMORAL's official website and received, it is deemed that the user consents and authorizes the BEMORAL official website for investigation, statistical purposes, etc. without the consent of the user.


        Second, the period of utilization, region, object and manner

        1. Period of use: BEMORAL's official website may make permanent use of such personal data during the period of operation, but the Ordinance provides otherwise, in accordance with the provisions.

        2. Region: Your personal data will be used to operate the BEMORAL official website of the Company, the Company's subsidiaries, subsidiaries, affiliated companies with which the Company is affiliated or the parent company with a controlling relationship and its subsidiaries or related enterprises, and with BEMORAL official website business partners (including but not limited to suppliers, couriers, The area where the logistics provider and other performing assistants or agents) are and the areas necessary for the purpose of providing services for the purposes of collection, processing, utilization and international transmission.

        3. Object: The Company, the branch of the Company, its subsidiaries, affiliated companies with which the Company is affiliated with the Company or the parent company with a controlling relationship and its subsidiaries or related enterprises, or individuals, institutions or organizations that have contractual relations or business dealings with the Company or the aforementioned company as a result of business needs.

        4. Use: BEMORAL's website will process and utilize and internationally transmit personal data electronically, written, telephone, telecommunications, Internet and other means for the specific purposes of collection.

        In addition to the functions of using the functions of membership management and customer management search query of BEMORAL official website, your personal data collection will also be used in the following ways:

        (1) Goods and paper invoices sent: in ordering or returning goods collection, delivery, delivery of related items, BEMORAL official website will be your personal data to the entrusted suppliers, logistics operators, couriers, home distribution, freight operators, etc. , in order to benefit from the delivery of goods services.

        (2) Marketing Activities: BEMORAL website will use the user's address and mail, telephone number for BEMORAL official website merchandise or event publicity (including but not limited to BEMORAL official website commercial data sending, such as electronic newspapers, EDM, newsletter), notify you about the service updates and promotional information, Provide users with a variety of electronic information and other services related to marketing information or for polls, activities, message board, such as the exchange of information related matters, contact users.

        (3) Member exclusive services: member area services, members birthday gifts, discount coupon activities, shopping records, order data, electronic invoices, return and after-sales service for the various member services required.

        (4) Analysis of business and market: the user browses the content or advertising, according to the user's gender, age, place of residence, interests, hobbies and other personal attributes or purchase records, website browsing records and other items, the use of services analysis, the development of new services and the improvement of existing services.

        (5) Network activities and network survey: BEMORAL official website will use the user's name, ID card size, as the basis for the sweepstakes, and use the user's telephone, EMAIL and address and other information, as a notice of the user's results and analysis. BeMoral will not use the information for other purposes without the user's consent. BEMORAL's official website will never publish any information about individual users except as the list of winners is made public as reasonably necessary for the activity.

        (6) BEMORAL website will use the user's personal data in BEMORAL official website membership activities, members to purchase goods and services statistical analysis, online marketing activities, adjustment or release of product information, customized advertising and the content of the pages you see, meet your products and services requirements, improve our services, contact you, conduct research and provide market analysis or business reports that do not contain personal data to internal and external clients.

        (7) In the future, if the operating rights of BEMORAL's official website are transferred to other third persons, in order to enable you to continue to use the services of BEMORAL's official website, JinTangGe International Co., Ltd. may transfer your membership data and trading records to the person responsible for the subsequent operation of BEMORAL official website.

        (8) Other use of other specific purposes agreed by the user in writing, e-mail, fax or web click button.

        (9) BEMORAL's website may, through Facebook or other community service systems, post the BEMORALwebsite on the user's social dynamics page with the user's consent. If the user does not agree to the posting of this message, do not click the consent key, or then remove such information through the community service membership mechanism or refuse to continue to post the relevant message on the BEMORAL website.

        (10) BEMORAL will use the user's personal data to screen for potential risk and fraud.

          Third, the exercise of user rights

          1. The rights you exercise under Section 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act and the principles for the processing of BEMORAL's official website are as follows:

            (1) After you register as a member on BEMORAL's official website, you may use your registered account number and password to inquire about the status of the personal data you provide.

            (2) If you need a copy of the status of such personal data, you may make a request to BEMORAL's official website by e-mail.

            (3) You may at any time supplement or change your previously entered personal data using your registered account number and password, but if necessary, beMORAL's official website may require you to provide appropriate interpretation.

            (4) You may send an e-mail to the customer service mailbox or call the customer service center to request that the collection, processing, use or deletion of personal data be stopped. However, after the user's application to stop collecting, processing or using personal data, or requesting the deletion of personal data, the services provided to the user by the BEMORAL website will be suspended or terminated, and the BEMORAL official website will handle the relevant matters within the scope of the ordinance.

            (5) You have the right to object at any time to processing of your personal data. BEMORAL shall no longer process your personal data unless BEMORAL demonstrates compelling legitimate grounds for the processing which override the interests, rights and freedoms of you or for the establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims.

            (6) You may request the portability of your personal data. You will receive the personal data in a commonly used and machine-legible format.

              2. If you do not wish to provide various services or personal data requested by the exchange to the BEMORAL official website, or do not agree with the provisions of the BEMORAL official website in accordance with the law, this privacy protection policy and the collection of information and its related information content for the collection, processing, utilization and international transmission of relevant personal data, BEMORAL's official website will fully respect your decision, but depending on the nature or conditions of the service, you may not be able to use the Services, perform your rights or complete the transaction (e.g., if you refuse to provide a birthday, you will not be able to register as a member or enjoy a birthday gift). BEMORAL's official website reserves the right to agree to provide such services or to complete the relevant transactions.


              Fourth, the disclosure of personal data

              1. The personal data obtained on BEMORAL's official website may be used for the specific purposes of the announcement to third parties (including, but not limited to, suppliers and suppliers providing logistics, couriers, gold streams or event giveaways, display manufacturers and other performing assistants or agents) as required by the business.

              2. BEMORAL official website will never arbitrarily sell, exchange or rent your personal data to other groups or individuals for internal processing and use, except in the following cases, and BEMORAL official website is not required to inform the user in advance:

                (1) You need to share your data with others or companies to deliver the product or service you want.

                (2) Based on the requirements of the law or by the judicial authorities and other competent authorities on the basis of statutory procedures.

                (3) To safeguard national security, promote public interests and prevent the rights and interests of others.

                (4) In order to relieve the user of life, body, freedom or property risk, is conducive to the rights and interests of the parties.

                (5) With the user's written consent or authorization to allow.

                (6) Believe disclosure as a legal necessity based on good faith.

                (7) The person responsible for the operation of BEMORAL official website changes, in order to enable users to continue to use the BEMORAL official website services, and the user's membership data and trading records transferred to the follow-up responsible for the operation of BEMORAL official website.

                (8) For the maintenance and improvement of website services for management.

                  3. In order to protect user privacy, BEMORAL official website can not query other users' account data for individuals, if there are relevant legal issues need to consult other people's data, please be sure to first to the police unit criminal information, BEMORAL official website will fully cooperate with the police and judicial units to investigate the case required to provide all relevant data, to assist in the investigation and resolution of cases.

                  4. In order to provide other services or benefits, when BEMORAL's website is required to share your personal data with a third person who provides the service or offer, we will provide you with a full explanation at the event and inform you that you are free to accept the service or offer.


                    Fifth, the transfer of BEMORAL's official website membership data and trading records

                    You agree and agree that in the future, if the BEMORAL official website is transferred to other third persons, in order to enable you to continue to use the services of BEMORAL official website, Jintangge International Limited may transfer your membership data and trading records to the person responsible for the subsequent operation of BEMORAL official website. You also agree that the transfer of the member's data and trading records will be within the specific purpose for which you provide such personal data, at which time Jintangge International Limited will no longer be required to obtain your written consent.


                    Sixth, the data storage and storage methods

                    Your personal data is kept intimately in the BEMORAL official website database system. At the same time, any person must obtain and use the data under the data license management regulations set out on BEMORAL's official website. Unauthorized persons are unable to obtain data through an authorized control system.


                    Seventh, the personal data security 

                    BEMORAL's official website will maintain the safety of personal data in line with the reasonable technology and procedures of industry standards.



                    Eighth, the self-protection measures

                    Please keep your password and any personal data in good custody and do not provide any personal information, especially passwords, to anyone. When you leave your computer or end using BEMORAL's official website, remember to log out of your account, and if you share your computer with someone else or use a public computer, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal data or letters.


                    Ninth,  the privacy policy advice 

                    If you have any questions about the privacy policy and individual collection notice on BEMORAL's official website, please resort to us and we will respond as soon as possible.