Six different Moms, One Love #bemore_mom

Under the coronavirus epidemic, people all wear the mask even if in the celebration. Everyone keep distance to avoid flu and some regrets. Between the mask and the distance, people seem like forgetting some important things. Do we only have tired and sadness now?


“Although we wear the mask,

we still can feel the happiness and should show your MOM’s BEAUTY  fearlessly ”

The so-called ‘MOM’ is not just be explanation for literal means, it also can be understanding in brave and strong. In this May which be covered by coronavirus, BEMORAL plans a series of interviews named #bemore_mom (I’m different but I’m MOM). Hope that could make more and more people know that show your MOM Power mean show your extraordinary trait. Even though you are different from others after taking off your mask, you still strong and great with them.


We take this concept into our “Home”, we can see that the roles in the family is not just be framed as one father, one mother, and child. Who says the husband can't be a same gender? Being a mother only for who already got married? If you don’t have blood-related with kids, you can’t be their mom?


6 Different MOMs X 6 Stories


#Same-Gender Marriage

“It’s very gratified for that I am beautiful in their eyes.”

He said “we don’t have dad but I have two mothers.” without hesitation when he faced the teacher’s question.

In his mind that is just a truth, but for adult it’s a embarrassed question. Actually, the true family should not be classification and attach a label. No matter what identity you have, only love can make a home and build a strongest wall to protect your family and be a haven.


#Dogs’ Mom

“When you have courage and wisdom, no one can defeat the love from mom.”

Jhuo mom needs to take care hundreds of dogs at one times, but her love never decrease or change. wherever they are, the dogs always can get same love and dedication.

She dedicate herself without any feedback it’s all because take care those dogs is her beautiful duty in her life. She always says “do not bite off more than you can chew.” And the full love always gives her power.



“Whatever the challenges you meet, you must love yourself.”

They are like a variety of different yarns meet together, and intertwined with each other then draw a colorful and beautiful picture.

Actually, love and be loved seems like a simple thing, but it has very complex relationship. Although she has a different identity, it will not affect her love for children. Because her love is enough to make those difficulty into the beautiful things.


#Mom of Orphanage

“No matter have blood-related or not, dedicate fearlessly is a kind of love.”

What's mother means?

It’s without DNA, you still can be a wonderful mom.

Although she isn’t their real mother, she still give them love and protection like primary family. When she talk about the children, her eyes always shine so brightly. Maybe it’s a kind of BEAUTY given by God. 


#Single Mother

“Mother does not have one look, but must have love and tolerance.”

Mother, a proud adjective.

And it’s not always need a mate to complete the means of mother.

The most beautiful mom is who can make child feel happy and give double love or more when she decides to divorce.


#New Mother

“After being a mother, can know what is mother.”

Some people will grow up again when they be a Mother.

This process is much harder and painful. It feels like you volunteer to do the hardest work of the world with sweat, tears, and the anger, but you still can get the irreplaceable sense of accomplishment and joy.


“They are not born with  extraordinary power, but have more courage than others.”


Many seemingly simple questions, but because of different factors make the answer not simple. Different imaginations and answers have never affected the essence of love. Their courage exudes unique charm, even simple and plain, it makes the days under this epidemic full of glory.


Six different mothers have six different stories.

But be mother’s shining and beautiful luster always infect you and me.