Named after "Desire", it's BEMORAL's fragrance show.

“The swinging chandelier shakes up your inner affright. The dissonant sharpness smashes your impression of scent. To redefine all of your concepts, the only symbol we could endue is desire.”

BEMORAL held a ceremony named “À Mon Seul Désir My Only Desire” in Huashan 1914 Creative Park in Taipei on 03/28/19.

The fragrance diffuser launch commenced from the press conference in the afternoon to the grand party in the evening, and no one is underwhelmed or distracted by the opening performance. The miscellaneous stadium became horrendous after the sudden shutdown of lighting with the back-and-forth swinging of high-hung chandeliers. From nervous exclamation to excited silence, it was the sound on the screen that broke the unsolved eccentricity.

The waiters appearing from the back of the curtains were consociatingly wearing masks, with majestic momentum and deliberate camouflage that made the audience hard to distinguish one from others.

The eyes all fell directly onto the iron cans in the with gloves, and when the scents were disclosed, they all emerged as indescribable aroma in the contrast to the visual footage upfront. The illogical behavior was bought into harmony by the combination of colorful flashlight, rotating pink cranial skeleton on screen and the mysterious temperament of the waiters.

It was an unprecedented show that broke all the traditional visualization of a fragrance launch. Under the dimness, the ores became the most eye-catching gem.


“I am personally extremely fond of this event, for I’ve never gad the opportunity to exert with such freedom and integrate all my imagination to make everything unique and meaningful.”

Originally a model, now a show director, Amanda Wang leaves the glorious halo of being a presenter behind and retreats as a significant character behind the scenes. She turns her imagination and enthusiasm for art into actual performances. Through the body language of the models, the fixing-point manipulation with the gaffers, she strengthens her perseverance and standards from one show to another. Putting on a headset is like changing a soul to her, and she is infatuated with the intention of playing the original traits to the fullest.



There are no superfluous transactional effects on set. With the motive of free imagination, the fragrance products became the protagonist of the show.


This show was the result of multiple conferential meetings and the director’s full knowledge to BEMORAL’s brand story and insight. We gave the director the full charge of arranging the design and imaging the miniature of interpreting odors with body languages.

With no framework and restriction at first, the show appeared to be the highlight go the laugh party. Those other didn't dare to try, BEMORAL made it realizable.

“Under whichever form, the elements that allow to freely create and unleash are the most sublime homage and love to art. On the way to pursue details that incorporate imagination and reality, we would not halt or go backwards. Period.”

Performing is a form of art from the beginning of our birth, but what truthfully represents confidence is the capability of acting like nobody else. In the press conference of BEMORAL, other than those exquisite statues and artworks,  the astonishing subversion lied in the unprecedented interpretation of the waiters and the push of so-called “beauty” towards another peak.