More than wanting and needing; making decisions are what their Symbiotic.

Humans always “want” something, yet exhaust themselves from searching for the moment “being needed” at the same time. The two relationships intertwine and dominate our inner soul.

However, we are discussing a third relationship beyond the two, Symbiosis, which is a vocabulary that appears abstruse but ain’t unfamiliar to us. For instance, smartphones and us, they’d die with no battery without humans, and we’d be bored to death without them. Furthermore, as a pet owner, could you ever imagine a world with literally no animals surrounding in?

We firmly believe, from people to people, events to events, substance to substance, there is definitely an extremely powerful link lingering in between. Today, we’ve invited a twin YouTuber with formidable appeal to talk over what Symbiosis indicates from their perspectives. 

“Out of the blue, if you are coerced to leave our Earth in a spaceship which provides everything that meets your daily basic supplements. However, you can only take 5 things from Earth with you, dimension and quantity not considered, and what would be your choices?”

KeeLung: I might take 3 women and 2 men.

Rays: My initial thought is to take my family members, but they are outnumbered. Hence, this is such a painstaking decision for me. Under this circumstance, I would regard it as living solely from then on. I would take a man and a woman, a cat and a dog, last but not least, my photo portfolio.


“What leads you to make such decisions?”

KeeLung: At first, I was considering taking my video games or 3C products, yet after deliberating, I figure that once my living zone is narrowed down, so is my desire. As a result, I earnestly ponder on what I really want, and what this world need us to do in response. My answer is to reproduce and to create, and the only ones that could manage would lie in mankind, correct?

Rays: My thoughts are somewhat similar to KeeLung’s. The leading idea that penetrates into my brain is sustainability, but what makes our solution different is that I wouldn’t put myself responsible of reproduction, which explains why I’d take a man and a woman to be in charge. Besides, by virtue of mankind’s wisdom, there might be a moment in the future that dogs and cats can conduct copulation? Before then, I genuinely wish they can be my premium company. Oh, the photos represents my media of storytelling, so I can’t live without them.


“We specifically notice that both your answers involve in the role of men, which hooks our curiosity about whether the characters could be each other unconsciously?”

KeeLung and Rays: (In unison) I don’t think so……lol.

Rays: For me, KeeLung is a family member. If I’m face with to this decision someday, my priority would be whether humankind could subsist. After all, it’s impossible for us to mate with each other. When everyone dies one day, what? The world would likely be diminished and thousands of years of hard work be squandered?


“In fact, these questions just now are the process of reflecting on Symbiotic relationship. As an opinion leader who has certain influence on social media, have you ever observed any interesting Symbiotic phenomena on Earth?”

Rays: Well, I do. In many people's eyes, the image we endue is “KeeLung plus Rays”, so what they see is "an IP (intellectual property rights)”. Yet in fact, we are the two most obvious monomers. It's probably hard for people who are not twins to understand, huh? It really is an extremely natural existence for us, but it's quite eccentric that some people always deem that we have to do the same things and wear the same clothes all the time. Even in the future, we would like the same girl and finally choose to live in the same place for the elderly. This is the symbiosis of KeeLung and Rays in this world, and it seems that it would last forever.


“In fact, we believe that Symbiosis is a positive relationship that transcends the existence of wanting and needing which belongs to the future. So, do you realize that there is such relationship inside the inner you, and how does the existence make people even better?”

KeeLung: My understanding of Symbiosis is more of a transaction, not inferring to money exchanges but realizing that the audience needs us and the relationship is mutual. Being unconsciously dependent, not bluntly put, is actually decent.

“So. in this new era of populism and fragmentation, what’s you thought of sharing selves? And how does sharing help around humans’ Symbiosis?

KeeLung: “In fact, when we were creating short films, we knew that Taiwanese people's lives were really tedious. That is to say, they need this, so our actions would be meaningful. But I discovered an intriguing phenomena, that is, when the works are free, people usually don't spend too much time on thinking about whether they need them or not. On the contrary, if there is a CD that costs three or four hundred Yuan or a Netflix platform requiring thousands of Yuan per year, it will trigger people to wonder, “Is this really something I have to do?”, "Do I have other alternatives”, “Is it worth owning and paying?” This Symbiotic relationship seriously exists all the time.”

Rays: “Now that we’re talking about this, I have to say that human beings can really have all kinds of different personalities at the same time. The version of Keelung and Rays on the Internet, or Keelung and Rays that we share after selection, are only parts of us. Of course, these versions also belong to us, but the fact is that we can meet the requirements by passing on the reality of this area to satisfy aspirations of certain groups are definitely not something super mighty.”


“Our original intention is to do what others never dare to do or capable of doing. For that, every partnerships we collaborates with are the new human within new formality. At the end of this interview, do you guys have some pleasantly surprising and novel ideas?” 

KeeLung: “My perception is that BEMORAL has expectancy to discipline consumers in order to understand the true relationship between products and selves, and to resonate with non-mainstream consciousness. Moreover, they could be cognitive of the brand's original intentions, rather than the primary interests or digitally sales kidnapping. For example, if I need a product right away, I could definitely find various interchangeable brands on market. However, I think BEMORAL genuinely wants to educate the costumers; hence, your modes and manners are rather unusual and innovative.”

Rays: “I think BEMORAL is looking for the same kind, so you might not care so much about comparison.”


“In the end, please use your most comfy method, not limited to words or any media, to define for us what Symbiosis is  after today’s interview. In addition, what other ways do you think we can deepen readers' understanding of Symbiosis?

KeeLung: Symbiosis is a story of relationship that all human beings require to be aware of. We can explore boldly, but we don't need to go to the bottom, for symbiosis is never resolved, and everyone's interpretation is distinct. I have such expectation that BEMORAL could……perhaps build up a space capsule! Maybe you could create a place where everyone is forced to be isolated from the world, and consumers gets to make the earnest choices and be affected by the natural existence of Symbiosis.

Rays: Symbiosis is the accumulation of needs that starts to exist when people possess thoughts after leaving the matrix, and it also represents the choice that we are constantly making 24/7. Yes, Symbiosis means constant choices, and everyone is duty-bound. I hope if there is no budget limit taken into consideration, BEMORAL could leave for Egypt, Peru, or the remains from the essence of every world culture. As an explorer, BEMORAL could set an example by personally taking part and convey to the customers what and how the purest manifestation Symbiosis is. 

On the day of the interview, our first impression of KeeLung and Rays was that, actually they are nothing alike.

From monozygotic twins to embryo splits, they gradually metastasized into two distinct organisms after leaving uterus. Some say, to find a person from another family in the 7.6 billion Earth population yet with their appearance 80% alike only stands for one in a billion chance. But for these two, sharing a similar figure with a true family member isn’t luck. It’s a natural existence empowered by God.

Originally, everyone thought that their Symbiotic relationship was confined only to the same look, similar body, clever reaction and innate sense of humor. Living in the world abounded with twins, they are simply ones that are supported and welcomed by a group of fanatics by chance, with the “Twin Identity” being the most obvious recognition card.

Even so, in the course of nearly an hour of conversation, we observed the genuine characteristics that couldn’t be captured by lens of them, as if they are two masses of souls covered with identical exteriors. KeeLung has a higher tone and talks faster. He thinks logically yet never forgets to entertain others. Rays has a relatively lower tone and talks calmer. It's amazing how in sync their minds are, and how out-of-the-blue they might come up with something fantastically intriguing. While I narrow my vision down to the two, comparison comes after observation. If someday they split suddenly, the “Symbiosis of Keelung and Rays”, “Symbiosis of social media and them”, “Symbiosis of being private and being publicly identified” mentioned in the interview might collapse in abruption. Then in another dimension of space, time and status, they might extend a new form of Symbiotic relationship.

More than wanting and needing, in KeeLung and Rays’ world, constant selection and no need of definition are what they call “Symbiosis”.