More than wanting and needing; being dependent on nature is what his Symbiotic.

“Humans always want something, yet exhaust themselves from searching for the moment being needed at the same time. The two relationships intertwine and dominate our inner soul.”


However, we are discussing a third relationship beyond the two, Symbiosis, which is a vocabulary that appears abstruse but ain’t unfamiliar to us. For instance, smartphones and us, they’d die with no battery without humans, and we’d be bored to death without them. Furthermore, as a pet owner, could you ever imagine a world with literally no animals surrounding in?

We firmly believe, from people to people, events to events, substance to substance, there is definitely an extremely powerful link lingering in between. Today, we’ve had a special trip to the world-renowned botanical artist, Chi Lee’s private studio to talk over what Symbiosis indicates from his perspective.



“Out of the blue, if you are coerced to leave our Earth in a spaceship which provides everything that meets your daily basic supplements. However, you can only take 5 things from Earth with you, dimension and quantity not considered, and what would be your choices?”

Lee: Maybe……The first thing I want to take away is a mountain in Taroko National Park. Then a telescope with high magnification, endless pens and paper, and lastly my cat.


“What leads you to make such decisions?” 

Lee: If I really am permanently thrown into a space full of the unknown and digital dimensions, a mountain that allows me to enjoy the boiling flow of natural air, the floating of trees, the bath of the sun, and the frequent secret base to settle my body and mind, it will be tranquilly decent. When bored, I like to record my life with paper and pens, and then occasionally I can utilize a telescope to look over the universe's considerable ecology systems. My three cats, with their company should be quite relieving.


 “I’ve particularly noticed that your cordial choice of answer is the landscape nutrients in nature, which is not often regarded as optional necessities, can you go a little further and describe why you made such choice without even thinking twice?” 

Lee: I believe that mountains are the source of all energy. Although I have to stay solely on the spaceship for life, whatsoever, the universe might not require this relatively infinitesimal life form, but I conjecture my choice is based on the instinctive dependence. I am not talking about a tree or a stream, but an entire ecosystem. Its peaceful yet substantial strength would make me feel safe, which is an irreplaceable feeling. The operation of mountains and waters transmits the sense that I am just alive, and there is an essence of belonging to the existence, becoming a small part of the larger environment. Overall, I depend on myself and evolute in rotation.


 “In fact, these questions just now are the process of reflecting on Symbiotic relationship. As an opinion leader who has certain influence in perpetual workplace, the art-and-culture industry and social media, have you ever observed any interesting Symbiotic phenomena on Earth?” 

Lee: Frankly, I think before I handed over the first-ever piece of work and after everyone really knows about me and my crew, the relationship between the viewer and the creator hasn’t drastically changed. I have always held the dialogue with the viewer through the work, the language of media and the brain's cognition is symbiotic. Even if there is no answer, the two are obviously complementary. In addition, the creating process of the work needs thoughts, materials, manpower, buyers, sellers, networks……

In my opinion, all of these links seem to be indispensable, which is also a source of symbiotic relationship. By the way, my work has always applied a large amount of the wasted, consumables and recycled materials, does this also respond to the symbiosis with the environment?

And from a commercial point of view, the community stream of work messages and market mechanisms also hide many potential links. Sustainable development, expansion, evolution, god…… after such a chat, the concept of Symbiosis seems to be omnipresent.

 “In fact, we believe that Symbiosis is a positive relationship that transcends the existence of wanting and needing which belongs to the future. So, do you realize that there is such relationship inside the inner you, and how does the existence make people even better?” 

Lee: From my own perspective, I would say that there is no so-called Pure Art in the world, since art and business are things tied together. Some people say that this relationship is capitalism being condescending, others say that all kinds of culture with connotation are stained with the smell of banknote.

However, I would like to say that artist is a profession, and eventually it has to go into the business system. With buying and selling there comes artists’ food, and with exposure there comes free exhibitions one after another. There is no contradiction. The arrogant is no longer arrogant and the personal is no longer personal. I think it is a very natural and positive interactive pattern.


“So. in this new era of populism and fragmentation, what’s you thought of sharing selves? And how does sharing help around humans’ Symbiosis?”

Lee: I've been sharing a viewpoint that I'm not just a leisure person who plays around flowers and grass, nor an artist who abides by strict regulations.

The concept of my work would also bring a little bit of interior space design and sustainable existence of nature. At a certain level, my presence and my sharing seem to be breaking some existing ideas in the society and there’s no concept that could survive on its own.

Through such sharing, I anticipate my viewers could realize that you can like it or hate it, but you could’t ever deny that once every object exists and be viewed, Symbiosis has already become a cause and effect.


“Actually, our current products are all developed based on the concept of Symbiosis, such as the ores and desire, the combination of masks and makeup…..Those seemingly are contradictory to each other are practically integrated. Do you agree with this so-called Symbiotic status? Or do you think this status will continue to spread to life in the future?”

Lee: For god’s sake, it’s already 2019. I think, no one in the field of expertise can be divided separately. It’s a process of breaking up, and the world is molding a new idea of jumping out of the past. No one needs to define who they are, and there won't be a character that can always be maverick. For example, those peculiar people also have to eat and sleep, right?


“Can you try to describe the first thought you have in mind getting in touch with BEMORAL? After this interview, what do you account the relationship between Symbiosis and us?”

Lee: I remember the first time I came into contact with your brand, in fact, I was very resonated and deeply fascinated by BEMORAL’s purpose of leading consumers to understand the more futuristic and the deeper correspondence. This is particularly interesting.

Not only can customers purchase goods but are the re-educated. The willingness to spend time on exploring and thinking what Symbiosis means is the right way to strengthen the new formality in my opinion.


“In the end, please use your most comfy method, not limited to words or any media, to define for us what Symbiosis is  after today’s interview. In addition, what other ways do you think we can deepen readers' understanding of Symbiosis?”

Lee: Symbiosis has no solution. It's a natural lifestyle. If BEMORAL can cooperate with brands with same concepts via crossover, such as our BOTANIPLAN VON LEE CHI, it should be enjoyable, haha! Looking forward to collaborating with you guys!”


Flowers are no flowers. Trees are no trees. People are no people. Lives are no lives.


Different from his peers, Chi Lee never refuses to talk about the obscure gray line between business and art.

"Without salary, are artists doing their jobs for charity and never eat? How’s that even practical?”

Originally, The artists are all terrified of being created suspicion with money, but he compared the two as a symbiotic relationship of mutual dependence. Just like he deems his works as the media to communicate with the world and to vent from his heart. The onlookers can either see clearly or not, and from the very moment the creators decide to commence and explore, they’ve already decided that "understanding" and "being understood" is a layer of tight connection beyond phrases and words.

In the interview, you can see how child-like Lee’s smile is when talking about botany and nature. Under the secular devastation and abrasion, it seems that only natural scenery can be his soul mate worth giving. If we can all have a lifelong belonged secret-base just like him, how blessed could we be?



Flowers are flowers. Trees are trees. People are people. Lives are lives.