More than wanting and needing; beyond the body and soul is what she calls Symbiotic.

People always “want” something, yet exhaust themselves from searching for the moment “being needed” at the same time. The two relationships intertwine and dominate our inner soul.

However, we are discussing a third relationship beyond the two, Symbiosis, which is a vocabulary that appears abstruse but ain’t unfamiliar to us.

For instance, smartphones and us, they’d die with no battery without humans, and we’d be bored to death without them. Furthermore, as a pet owner, could you ever imagine a world with literally no animals surrounding in?

We firmly believe, from people to people, events to events, substance to substance, there is definitely an extremely powerful link lingering in between. Let’s talk over it!

“Out of the blue, if you are coerced to leave our Earth in a spaceship which provides everything that meets your daily basic supplements. However, you can only take 3 things from Earth with you, dimension and quantity not considered, and what would be your choices?”

AJ: I think I will take my mother, sister, and future girlfriend.

Whether it is the blood relationship of the character or other connections, for me, people and emotions actually have a great influence in my life. Because I like to observe the difference of each person. Although that people have good and evil, it also allows me to learn a lot and know more different people.

Also because I am a person born for love, in short, I have to maintain a relationship of love. Therefore, I also hope to have a stable relationship, and I want to manage well no matter where I go.

“In fact, these questions just now are the process of reflecting on Symbiotic relationship. Because it may not be your necessity, but it seems to be indispensable. This close relationship is the symbiosis we mentioned at the beginning.”


“In your own experience, from the creation of the first exclusive lesbian fashion life magazine and holding of gay parties. Have you observed that these have been classified as taboo topics by us, or between ethnic groups and society that are not valued? Is there some kind of "symbiosis" phenomenon?” 

AJ: I think they are a symbiosis of society. The people who support, oppose and neutral all live on the same land. When they are willing to stand up, compared to calm under the table, they stand up is more important. Because they will find a balance in the symbiosis, and they will continue to reach a new stage.

"Changing at each stage will make you know more different of yourself, understanding your needs rather than what you want to pursue. Whether it is frustration or encouragement, you can find a clearer direction and enjoy a relaxing and comfortable experience. − AJ ”


“In the past, if you were different from the so-called normal people, you had to hide yourself to be recognized. On the contrary, now everyone can openly and show themselves. Based on this, do you think "knowing yourself" has helped people better understand the so-called symbiosis?”

AJ: As for me, I know that I am not a man or a woman as everyone knows. Maybe I am different from those so-called normal people. After going through the process of those collisions, I feel that my body and heart seem to be constantly pulling. But maybe  because I am a person who likes the beauty of conflict, I choose to accept myself from the soul and know myself. Through that collision and sparks more beauty is a wonderful place for symbiosis. It may be as hot as a firework but it is also very attractive.

“Actually, our current products are all developed based on the concept of Symbiosis, such as the ores and desire, the combination of masks and makeup…..Those seemingly are contradictory to each other are practically integrated. Do you agree with this so-called Symbiotic status? Or do you think this status will continue to spread to life in the future?”

AJ: I agree that this concept will extend to life. I also like the conflicting beauty, the story of conflicting elements to make collages, etc. Putting together some irrelevant elements will inspire different beauty or fun.


“Can you try to describe the first thought you have in mind getting in touch with BEMORAL? After this interview, what do you account the relationship between Symbiosis and BEMORAL?”

AJ: In my opinion, BEMORAL is a brand that looks black but covers many different lights. Perhaps it is like a colorful mine. More importantly, care products are integrated into life and love yourself regardless of gender, I think it’s a good concept.

“In the end, please use your most comfy method, not limited to words or any media, to define for us what Symbiosis is  after today’s interview. In addition, what other ways do you think we can deepen readers' understanding of Symbiosis?” 

AJ: Make a smooth platform made of ore! On the platform that distributes dry ice, as long as the person lying down can see the lack of gold, wood, fire and soil on that person, and also detect your deficiencies and give energy supplement. It is a non-discriminatory identity, gender, skin color. The product that can be experienced at any age, it is a bit similar to the energy supply station between scanners. 

The conflict between appearance and inner soul seems to be in conflict but harmoniously exists.

The beauty of such conflicts, maybe when we look further away, we will know the described by AJ. People have good and evil; some oppose and others agree. Just as the world exists in one body and two sides, a body may also There will be different souls.

But when you jump away from the social framework and disputes and return to the original self-cognition, you may be able to understand that you are you, and find a balance in the blind spot of the conflict between external appearance and soul. It is the part that makes up this social harmony.

Even if you are not a man, it is not a so-called woman, or you are both or not, you do not need to resist, because your existence is the so-called symbiosis.