The serial storylines of inseparable Symbiosis

From the myths of antiquity to the consciousness of future, the concept of inseparable Symbiosis is ubiquitous. When Pandora opened up the box gifted by Zeus, illness and scourge frantically splatted and only hope was left inside. Nowadays we interpret it as the the Symbiosis between curiosity and unknown hazard, also between the beginning and the end.

What about future? What’s the Symbiosis of next generation?

Following are some Symbiotic status you may never noticed. Shall we read?

Episode one. About skin and outfits.

Dressing and undressing, squeezing and plucking……

With seasons passing by, humans swap up their different exteriors.

With time going through, creatures change into various palettes.

Outfits can be said as our second layer of skin.

Covered with shades of flesh colors, we inter-stack and live altogether.

Episode two. About self and accessories.

While retrospecting the Art Decoratifs popularized since World War II,

it has endowed inapparent autonomy to people in regard to wearing gold and silver.

Could it be possible that self-embellishment equals being pretentious?

Hell no.

Attempting to glorify and identify our appearances is never to be blamed for.

After all, I am who I am.

Episode three. About characteristic and chromatology.

It has been said that ones’ characteristic could be speculated from their color tendency.

Red is passion. Blue is introversion.

Yellow is easiness. Green is moderation.

When it comes to purple, it represents sentimentality and trepidation.

The artistic feature with evident flaws is somehow close to the reality.

Episode four. About regulation and totality.

Strokes after strokes, we abide by regulations.

Frames after frames, we shrink into our comfort zones.

The so-called living methods are merely the cumbersome words.

Who am I? Seriously?

Sometime even my brain is affected by the complication of totality.

The manifestation molded by the originally set-up society is never more fabulous than taking off the clothes of egoism.

Episode five. About image and imagination.

You probably won’t share a cerebrum with geniuses, but you can get yourself a statement piece.

Looking at renowned pioneers like Albert Einstein, Socrates and Nikola Tesla,

the sole thing that geniuses can care less is possibly

“What am I going to put on today? Is it trendy?”

Their standard of choosing wardrobes are simple, authentic, reliable and comfortable.

Maybe there’s nothing close to fashion, yet they are aware of what fits themselves the best.

“Pretend yourself as if living on Mars anytime. You are surrounded by strange monsters but never should you strike any interest.” said Albert Einstein

Oh, so the formal-worn and the well-suited are the monsters for real?

Writing at the end of stories……

As the saying goes, people can cry from birth and laughter is learned after. As a result, sadness is a rudimentary instinct while happiness is a superior strength. If Symbiosis is the moral of future, it’d all make sense that we are conscious of Symbiosis is more than wanting, more than needing and omnipresent.

Now, aside from anticipating the upcoming “Daily Exploration of Symbiosis” on BEMORAL, you may try and imagine #WhatIsYourSymbiosis .