Zoom MOBY-DICK’s 8aHz
Zoom MOBY-DICK’s 8aHz
Zoom MOBY-DICK’s 8aHz
Zoom MOBY-DICK’s 8aHz



WHITE CORAL x Fragrance Essential Oil 15ml

The treacherous but pleasant tone, like a raging sea of blue,

Touch the gap in the soul.


Unspoiled Remains - WHITE CORAL

Beautiful but unfathomable sea, a great white whale named Moby is quietly lurking around the ship, a little resisting but clinging to the side. This battle because of human greed, accompanied by the destruction of the storm, unarmed beluga whales, relying on perseverance and huge body struggle. The persistence that is unwilling to give up is driven by inner desire. 8aHz sharp noise cut through the sky, this horrifying sharp roar, because of resistance to surrender and anger, or finally triumphed over the victory cheer?


Octagon / Camellia / Toffee

Oncoming is the pungent pungent octagonal breath, mixed with the vibrant and fragrant fire dragon fruit, the Buddha heard the explosion of the loud bang, wake up each cell on the body. The mid-tone gentle and elegant camellias let you see that the source of sound is a gentle creature. The comfortable coffee atmosphere of the tail rhyme, as well as the rich and silky taffy, let you bathe in a scared and warm atmosphere, long reluctant to leave.

How To Use

(1) Open the marble cover

(2) Remove the contents from the silver bag and place them inside the tin

(3) The contents of the flavor of the seasoned essential oil press 3 to 4 times to the tin can

(4) Real aromas are released into the air over time


(1) Do not use other uses.

(2) Corals are fragile and carefully light.

(3) Do not place in high temperatures or humidity and avoid direct sunlight.

(4) Place high to avoid accidental eating of young children.

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