Zoom ANGEL of SLIVER WING Setting Mask
Zoom ANGEL of SLIVER WING Setting Mask
Zoom ANGEL of SLIVER WING Setting Mask
Zoom ANGEL of SLIVER WING Setting Mask



23ml / 5 in 1 pack

The very first products to rewrite mask feature! Three benefits with only one step to complete!

After accomplishing your makeup, you can directly sense the delicacy of your makeup. Not only do they moisturize but also allow you to enjoy all night without having your makeup melted!


GAZE IS THE BEST TROPHY - Angel of Silver Wing

Unappreciated photos equal not being sapped. Not being picked up at a bar equals staying home. Designer clothes unrecognized equals never being purchased. If you’re never truly seen, how on earth can you bargain with being a winner in life? The crown of the visuality generation belongs to women who acquire to shine. Becoming the focus of the gazes, you can be the game-changer.

Destroy the traditional mask concept. Inject cosmetic inspiration into before-makeup masks. Originate an unprecedented hybrid.

Not only do you need a piece of mask, but the truthful blossom of self. Full of moisturizing ingredients absorb excess sebum and flatter your makeup during while the maintenance proceeds. What’s more, they also improve and enhance the fitting and lasting effects all-day-long.


Gem-like pearly gloss creates unmatchable sparkles.

Malva sylvestris, Aesculus hippocastanum seeds, Arnica flowers,

Hamamelis virginiana and other natural extracts with 4.0 upgraded version of Hyaluronic acid.

Special research and development mask paper made using Japan's leading textile technology / Access to Germany-led special raw materials and in accordance with EU regulations / Mask fragrance through the French low sensitivity certificate guarantee



Moisturizing. Settling. Shimmer.

How To Use

(1) The mask is sheet. After cleaning the make-up water, expand the mask.

(2) Adjust according to the eye and lip gap, light pressure so that the mask completely covered the face skin.

(3) Remove after about 10 minutes, pat the face with the essence to absorb, without flushing.

(4) After the essence is absorbed, you can start the follow-up makeup step. 


(1) The shimmer in the essence will attach to the face skin after using the mask.

(2) During the massage, if there is pearl powder drop, uneven distribution and other conditions are normal.

(3) For external use, there are sensitive issues such as redness and irritation, please stop using and consult a physician.

(4) Children under three years of age may not be used.


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